Get to know our Munich-based Strategy and Execution Analyst, Lucas Trümpler, and let him take you through his journey while sharing some insightful perspectives that motivate him along the way.

Meet Lucas, our Strategy & Execution Analyst in Munich

A summary of the past year reveals a fair amount about who I am and how it brought me to where I am now. Over the previous twelve months, I went through six moves alone! It's been a fun, challenging, and exciting journey, and, looking back, I would say that extensive travels and relocations across Europe have characterised my last years.

My first steps towards internationalisation

Born and raised on the outskirts of Cologne, I started my professional career at the age of 19 by joining one of Germany's most famous pharmaceutical companies. During the next three years, I worked in consumer marketing and key account management while obtaining certification as an industrial clerk and a bachelor's degree in International Business on my weekends. After this exciting chapter in Germany and Spain, I decided to continue my studies at excellent University's in the Netherlands and France.

It wasn't until halfway through my master's studies that I decided that my next professional experience should be in consultancy. But not just any consultancy. It was clear that my next employer would have to combine a highly competent team and high-quality projects with a sense of making a real impact within a communal work environment, which in all fairness, is not a common combination.

I reached out to an excellent head-hunter within my network. Metyis was the first company he mentioned, and, not surprisingly, my amazing colleagues in Munich as well as Metyis’ values, profile, and clients convinced me!

Metyis motivates me constantly, let me tell you why

Metyis' values, profile, and clients were inspirational; it was everything I had been looking for in a workplace. I'm pleased I took that decision as I can now enjoy a supportive team of knowledgeable peers and an exciting growth story of the Munich office. I am involved in an ambitious project that challenges me personally and professionally every day.

Currently, I work as a strategist and PMO within the team that improves a prestigious audio company's web shop for conversion and sales. My role is dedicated to facilitating communication between our technical team, the client, and project leads whilst ensuring we do the right things to reach our goals.

The project is a perfect example of what drives me: the opportunity to grow daily, make an impact with my work and enjoy the process. We've got dozens of intelligent and highly skilled people working on an ambitious digital sales growth case. We support the client from every angle and deliver valuable impact across various business functions; this wouldn't be possible without an excellent collaboration and the commitment to overcome any hurdle in the implementation phase. Luckily, Metyis offers me this thrilling yet collegial work environment with a culture characterised by high competency, a supportive atmosphere and a can-do attitude.

It's not all about work

Movement, connections, and new experiences are my top priorities outside work. I love all sports disciplines and, in particular, have developed a passion for calisthenics and boxing. The combination of balance, strength, and coordination fascinates me. Also, I love seasonal sports like skiing, scuba diving, and surfing. Not having lost my passion for travelling, I spend most of my vacation days on backpack excursions to create new unforgettable experiences and look forward to spending some time in Vietnam this autumn.

Besides physical activities, I cherish my relationships and try to connect with my partner, friends, and family daily, compelling me to share the kindness and gratitude I'm fortunate enough to experience along the way.

My advice for junior professionals

Kindness and gratitude go a long way. It's a straightforward enough assertion that can often be forgotten when faced with challenges or time pressure. Perhaps it seems a little sentimental, but I have experienced how compassion and appreciation of others and yourself will reward you with the energy, positivity, and good relationships required for a successful career and fulfilling personal life. I truly believe in that and live accordingly.