In this edition of One ethos, One culture, Yannick Hafner, Associate in Strategy & Execution at our Munich office, reflects on his experience as a recent recruit at Metyis and how sailing anchors his professional drive.


Meet Yannick, a Strategy & Execution Associate in Munich

Tell us more about who you are and your story

I am originally from Lake Constance in the south of Germany, which borders Switzerland and Austria and is close to the Alps. Growing up near the largest lake in Germany, I naturally became interested in all manner of water sports, especially sailing, which developed into a life-long passion. Approximately 22 years ago, I got my first boat, an optimist – a small, single-handed dinghy specifically intended for use by young enthusiasts. Since then, I have been an active sailor, a pursuit that always has and will accompany me throughout life. During my school years, I was a member of the under-17 German national team, representing Germany at the European and World Championships. Later on, whilst at university studying Industrial Engineering and Management at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), I joined the German National Sailing League, which was a format that, at that time, was relatively new. This was fortunate as it allowed me to participate in that sailing format for my home club and continue as an active member of the sailing team as a tactician and helmsman. We, unfortunately, lost the close fight for the podium this year but will try our best next season.

What was your path to Metyis? 

Experiences in industrial companies in sectors such as manufacturing or power supply have primarily shaped my professional career. During university, I participated in a six-month internship in Singapore. This formative experience allowed me to work with an international team, gain valuable insights into globally connected processes and experience a different culture. After completing my studies, I began working as a Trainee in a manufacturing company for specialised equipment. After only a few months, I was offered a role as a strategic assistant to the management board. Before joining Metyis, I was responsible for setting up a data-driven system for our sales team, monitoring the development and generating valuable insights for our teams.  

What is your current role at Metyis, and how did you get here?  

After my interview, I was confident that Metyis was the right company to advance my career; lunch with the whole department validated this instinct. The friendly and warm atmosphere confirmed it was not only a place to excel but also somewhere to feel welcome and valued. 

I joined the Munich office in July 2022 as an Associate in Strategy & Execution, making me a relatively new member of the Metyis network. I am part of the Business Development team, responsible for an efficient and successful setup of our proposal process. Being part of an international team within an innovative and expanding firm was also a great incentive; I have already been lucky enough to meet some colleagues at a training session in Porto and was pleased to discover the amicability of the local Munich team runs throughout Metyis' entire workforce. 

Who is your mentor figure at Metyis?  

My principal mentor is Jörg, a Partner at the Munich office, who also happens to be an active triathlete, which is fortunate as we have a shared enthusiasm for sports. I am grateful to discuss openly and thoroughly topics such as communication and problem structuring with him, which has positively impacted the project I am currently working on. Another of my influential contacts at Metyis is Jochen, who is responsible for the project lead. Working with a passionate and energetic person like Jochen contributes significantly to a steep learning curve, affecting my daily work, strategic thinking and other soft skills. In general, at Metyis, I'm encouraged by the open communication and continuous challenge to the status quo, attributes I'm well versed in from my experiences training and sailing in competitions. 

What small things about working at Metyis make a big difference?  

As previously mentioned, open lines of communication and the international environment at Metyis are huge drivers of the company's ongoing success. Bringing together people with different backgrounds, cultures, and experiences is the basis for finding the best solution to any problems or challenges.  

Was there a particular person or experience that impacted your philosophy towards work (or life)?  

My Dad, as he has been an unfailing supporter during school, sports and university. Still, to this day, I can share experiences and rely on him for answers and advice to any of my questions, whether they be professional or existential.  

How do you keep yourself motivated? 

Identifying what drives you internally and pursuing that inspiration is the key to a balanced life. Spending time with friends during a sporting activity proliferates more energy than it takes from you, even after a tiring or unsuccessful competition. Enjoying time near or on the water is a way of recharging my internal batteries.