We are pleased to announce the launch of the Metyis Digital Commerce Readiness Assessment (DCRA), a state-of-the-art tool designed to empower businesses to navigate and excel in the ever-evolving digital commerce landscape.

Amidst significant growth in global eCommerce, which is projected to expand by 79% between 2023 and 2029, Metyis has developed the DCRA to offer companies a comprehensive evaluation of their readiness to expand their digital businesses. As more consumers shift online, companies across industries are finding that traditional business models are no longer enough. The DCRA evaluates current digital capabilities, identifying strengths, weaknesses, and strategic opportunities that drive value for your business. Our team of strategic and digital commerce experts will bring the insights needed to invest in the right initiatives, while optimising the time and input required from your business.

“As new technologies are emerging on a daily basis, it is key for companies to continuously monitor trends, effectively integrate diverse technologies, and invest in the required talent and processes to ensure long-term digital commerce success.”

- Keshav Chawla, Partner at Metyis 

Behind the development and purpose of the DCRA 

The DCRA by Metyis was developed as response to the rapid digital transformation impacting all sectors. The goal is to address the need businesses have for a detailed understanding of where they stand, what needs to be improved, and where the true value lies regarding digital commerce capabilities. 

“Key functions required to drive digital commerce are often spread across the organisation, slowing down growth and creating inefficiencies. Therefore, an end-to-end strategic approach is necessary to scale.”

- Sanne Krom, Partner at Metyis 

The DCRA is more than just a tool to assess the readiness of companies that aim to engage in and benefit from the growing digital marketplace; it integrates Metyis’ extensive expertise in data, technology, strategy, and execution. This ensures that clients not only understand their current state but also receive actionable insights and strategic guidance to effectively accelerate their digital growth.  

Developed from our extensive market research and client experience, the DCRA meets an urgent need for comprehensive digital strategy tools that support businesses at various stages of digital maturity.

How the DCRA works 

The DCRA stands out by providing an end-to-end view of a company’s digital maturity, highlighting both strengths and areas for improvement across nine critical building blocks. These include five value drivers focused on revenue growth and four enablers that support foundational business capabilities.  

This tool addresses the complexity of digital commerce by ensuring businesses are structured to thrive across multiple domains, emphasising the importance of a customer-centric operating model. 

Employing the DCRA and following through with the implementation of its solutions involves taking an end-to-end approach, creating clear channel strategies, integrating data intelligence, and leveraging the right technologies.

“Data maturity is all about data-driven decision making. As Metyis, we see that many successful companies utilise data to make informed decisions at strategic, technical, and operational levels.”

- Ashish Dang, Partner at Metyis 

The DCRA helps companies pinpoint how they can accelerate their digital growth by offering a snapshot and score of the ability to scale the digital business, a detailed overview on the current state and improvement opportunities per building block, and a plan of action linked to strategic ambitions. This holistic approach ensures that businesses receive a well-rounded assessment of their digital footprint.

Who will benefit the most from enhanced digital operations 

The DCRA is versatile and designed for a broad range of industries experiencing rapid digital shifts, such as fashion, luxury goods, retail, consumer electronics, services, and many more. These sectors are rapidly transforming, making a robust digital strategy essential.

“Many companies face challenges in achieving growth forecasts and face discrepancies between their ambition and costs or loss of margin required for the realisation of this ambition. This results in the implementation of initiatives without any impact."

- Raph Schröder, Partner at Metyis 

Each of these sectors faces unique challenges in digital commerce, from managing online customer experiences to integrating complex eCommerce systems. This tool is ideal for businesses aiming to enhance customer experience, increase market reach, and optimise operational efficiency.

The future impact of being ready for digital progress 

The Digital Commerce Readiness Assessment developed by Metyis is not just a tool, but a strategic asset developed out of the necessity to aid businesses in navigating the complex, rapidly changing digital commerce landscape.  

By understanding where they stand, what they need, and how to get there, companies can use the DCRA to not only catch up but lead in their respective industries. Metyis is committed to continually enhancing the DCRA by integrating the latest technologies, including AI and machine learning, to provide even more precise analytics and actionable insights. 

As digital commerce continues to evolve, the DCRA will be instrumental in helping businesses looking to transform challenges into opportunities for growth and impact.