We are thrilled to announce that Metyis acquired Southpigalle, a tech and design boutique in Paris with deep knowledge in data, technology, strategy and design. Metyis now welcomes four new partners with extensive expertise in the digital field.

Southpigalle's objective to connect people and data as a trusted tech partner for clients navigating digital revolutions resonated with Metyis’ way of work and ambitions. The firm’s cutting-edge digital solutions and blend of strategic vision, design, tech, and data science will now reinforce Metyis’ ecosystem to create impact within business partner’s and clients organisations across the globe.

Olivier de Cointet and his fellow Metyis Partners commented on the core traits shared by Metyis and Southpigalle. “During our first conversation, I quickly realised how closely aligned we are. We share the same culture, values, entrepreneurial mindset, and client-centric focus.”

Louis de Cointet reflected on his original mission. “We founded Southpigalle to deliver the best digital solutions to the most inspiring companies. Metyis will allow us to double down on this.”

Henri d'Anterroches elaborated on his team’s experience serving prolific eCommerce, luxury, and IT brands with an entrepreneurial touch. “Assembling a team of such complementary talents has been a real pride for us, and we look forward to joining forces with all Metyis experts”.

Pascal Plat added that “scale is essential for addressing our clients’ most pressing digital and technological challenges. Metyis’ global footprint will accelerate our ability to serve them across the globe.”

Metyis welcomes Southpigalle’s team of 25 data scientists, insightful strategists, exceptional developers and creative designers. Our new teammates will continue to achieve incredible feats, share their expertise, and collaborate with Metyis’ vast international network.

Metyis continues its rapid growth by interfacing with like-minded companies worldwide to build a resilient network of entrepreneurial partners and highly skilled teams.