User Experience Design

A carefully tailored digital experience by a multidisciplinary team that enhances every step of the consumer journey.

The relationship between consumer, brand, and product is evermore diluted across platforms and systems. The increased blending between physical and digital experiences empowered by IoT, augmented reality, and more recently the metaverse grants new opportunities for companies to strengthen their presence and relevance to their customers.

Whilst these systems allow for more and improved touchpoints with increased proximity in how audiences relate to the brands and their products, they also present new challenges in how companies conceive and maintain these platforms.

At Metyis, we embrace these challenges with dedicated teams, developing end-to-end experiences for multiple channels and touchpoints. We leverage the power of data and information, working closely with our top strategists to meet and excel in our partner's business goals without ever putting aside customer-centricity.

Good experienceis good business


Helps boost traffic by optimising the digital user journey across all touchpoints.


Increases average session and page views per session through the creation of lean navigation flows and a hierarchy of relevant content.


Improves conversion rates through the elimination of friction points throughout the conversion funnel.


Helps improve average order value with the implementation of effective findability and recommendations systems that empower up-sell and x-sell strategies.


Improves SEO by refining semantics, as well as information architecture and content structure.


Reduces support costs by creating clear and intuitive interfaces even for the most complex tasks.


Improves overall customer satisfaction by enhancing accessibility and the service experience.

A complex journeyfor the simplest solutions

User experience must be omnichannel and seamless across platforms, however, each system comes with its own set of challenges. Having dedicated teams of experts enables us to achieve optimal performance on individual systems, whilst our team of senior creative and technical directors ensure consistency across channels. Our experts also work hand-in-hand with our business partners' branding and marketing specialists to warrant the brand’s ethos, voice, and messages at every touchpoint of the user journey.

We continuously test our platforms to identify bottlenecks and opportunities at all stages of the conversion funnel, keeping up with the latest trends and technology. By utilising the power of data and information with impeccable performance, we design and implement memorable experiences tailor-made to each user's preferences, maximizing engagement, conversion, and the positive impact on our business partners.


Dedicated team with end-to-end capabilities.


Extensive experience in Digital Commerce solutions.


Dedicated CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) specialists.


Agile design and development units with the capacity to quickly react to inputs from data and business strategy.


Capacity to scale teams up or down, according to project and business needs.


Proficiency in the latest technological developments and design trends.


In-house Communication Design, Motion Graphics and Content Production teams.

Much more than just design
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