Women @ Metyis

We are forging an environment where women can develop and thrive as professionals, feel empowered to take control of their careers, and be challenged to achieve their full potential.

Our three mainpillars of impact

Our Women@Metyis community is supported by three main pillars:

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We are creating and facilitating opportunities for women to connect with colleagues across all levels and offices.

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We create awareness internally and externally about Women@Metyis and our Diversity & Inclusion initiatives.

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We are tracking progress towards our objective of attracting and retaining more women at Metyis.

Explore growth through mentoring

Women@Metyis founded a Mentoring Programme that fosters a community-driven environment for women to thrive, share insights, and navigate their careers with confidence.

More than a guidance initiative, our Mentoring Programme is a platform that allows any woman to cultivate their professional potential and connect with accomplished women in the field. Mentors and mentees have a safe space to work together and aim higher through tailored career guidance and networking opportunities.

Discover the advantages of our mentoring programme:

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Guided growth
This is a personalised mentorship programme that connects you with experienced professionals who will provide one-on-one guidance and support throughout your career journey, ensuring you reach your full potential.
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Empowerment network
We've built a nurturing and secure environment, dedicated to fostering discussions about women's career development and personal growth. This is a space where women can thrive and empower each other.
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Supportive community
At Metyis, you'll find a strong connection to a supportive community of like-minded women. We've built the foundations for networking and collaboration, where your shared goals become powerful actions.
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Skill enhancement
We offer a comprehensive range of resources and tools designed to enhance your skills and knowledge. All our initiatives are designed to help you continue your growth and development.

An opportunityto inspire and grow!

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Become a mentor

Inspire growth by shaping others' professional journeys. This is your chance to share experiences, provide guidance, and nurture trusted relationships. As a mentor, you'll fuel dynamic growth for yourself and your mentee through collaborative efforts. Your role and life experience carry substantial influence, making it a fulfilling and impactful endeavour for everyone involved.

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Become a mentee

Benefit from tailored guidance to pursue aspirations and overcome challenges. Your mentor, an experienced professional who's faced similar challenges, will share knowledge, provide feedback, and foster discussions. Being a mentee means embarking on a journey towards personal and professional excellence, with a passionate mentor to support and empower you.

Meet our leaders who areshaping women's impact

The inspiring stories ofour W@M team members

Discover the positive impact of the Women@Metyis community and delve into the compelling stories our team members share about their personal and professional growth.

“Being a mother and a consultant complement each other exceptionally well.” - meet Kristina
Ethos & culture
"Metyis is a place where women will always find guidance and support." - meet Sabrina
Ethos & culture
"Women continue to be underrepresented in the data and tech fields." - meet Teodora
Ethos & culture