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Metyis x AWWG
Partnering with AWWG to boost the global fashion group’s e-commerce and drive digitalisation
News, July 2, 2021We are proud to officially unveil our strategic partnership with AWWG, the global fashion group behind iconic brands such as Pepe Jeans, Hackett and Façonnable.
Speed of light
F1™ lessons on accelerating organisations: the impact of data management on high-performing teams Article, May 26, 2021A knowledge sharing session featuring Mr Vicenç Aguilera, former Chairman of Circuit de Barcelona and F1™ Grand Prix Host, shed light on how data has enabled race teams to thrive within their roles and derive meaningful insights in real-time during competitions.
Data-driven solutions that grant a competitive edgeArticle, December 17, 2020Deriving meaningful insights from data is key for companies to remain competitive. Metyis specialises in empowering its partners with data-driven resources.
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Wielding a coherent e-commerce strategy to create the foundation for prosperous online businessesArticle, June 8, 2021Our specialised team of e-commerce experts at Metyis assess clients’ needs, devise solutions, and integrate new tools and resources into clients’ sales operations.
Innovation services that will lead through changeArticle, January 28, 2021By facilitating the integration of software and service transformations across clients’ operations, we position a wide range of companies to thrive in ever-changing business reality.
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Enabling companies to overcome their aversion to the future  Article, January 28, 2021Metyis has unique methods to deliver solutions and guarantee their longevity by collaborating with partners long-term for impact.
Cutting edge HR solutions that optimize talent Article, January 28, 2021The talent and HR analytics practice delivering human resources advisory services.
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Designing the IoT formula Article, January 28, 2021IoT is an enabler that drives accuracy in close coordination with business strategy. The domain bridges the divide between business and digital and creates meaningful new opportunities for all.
As of today, we are MetyisNews, January 28, 2021A new global brand and a new visual identity that represents a key landmark in our long-term strategy.
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One company One cultureWe integrate various perspectives to produce dynamic works that are greater than the sum of their parts.
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The vibrant company that drives innovation Article, January 28, 2021At Metyis, our multidisciplinary teams hold the freedom to innovate, collaborate and create without being hindered by red tape.