Senior leaders
Fons Hoogeveen
Fons HoogeveenGlobal Partner, AmsterdamFons Hoogeveen is a Senior Global Partner and is part of our Global Board. Fons is one of the founding partners of Metyis. He is a seasoned p...Show more
José Antonio Bueno
José Antonio BuenoGlobal Partner, BarcelonaJosé Antonio (JAB) is an experienced partner with two main sectorial foci, automotive and banking. But besides this, he masters big transform...Show more
Marc Reunis
Marc ReunisGlobal Partner, AmsterdamMarc Reunis is a Global Partner focusing on re-inventing businesses using data and analytics. Marc is an engineer at heart. He is entreprene...Show more
Stijn Groenink
Stijn GroeninkGlobal Partner, AmsterdamStijn Groenink is a seasoned boardroom advisor with expertise in strategy - and analytics consulting, and with solid industry background in c...Show more
Walter de Zeeuw
Walter de ZeeuwGlobal Partner, AmsterdamWalter de Zeeuw is a Senior Global Partner and is also part of our Global Board. Walter is one of the founding partners of Metyis. Walter has...Show more
Yogen Singh
Yogen SinghGlobal Partner, AmsterdamYogen Singh is a Senior Global Partner and Chairman of our Global Board. He is one of the founders of Metyis. Yogen has over two decades of e...Show more
Gerrit Zalm
Gerrit ZalmGlobal Advisor, AmsterdamGerrit Zalm (January 2017 Present) holds the distinction of having been the longest-serving Minister of Finance in the Netherlands. For four ...Show more
Jack de Kreij
Jack de KreijGlobal Advisor, AmsterdamJack de Kreij (February 2018 Present) is the former Vice Chairman of the Executive Board and CFO of Royal Vopak. Before that, Jack was Senior...Show more
Juan M Nin
Juan María Nin GénovaGlobal Advisor, MadridJuan M. Nin is the former Deputy Chairman and CEO of CaixaBank and Criteria, as well as CEO of Banco Sabadell and Board member in Repsol and ...Show more
Theo de Raad
Theo de RaadGlobal Advisor, AmsterdamTheo de Raad (Chairman) (January 2014 Present) is a former Member of the Executive Board of Metro AG and was a member of the Corporate Execut...Show more
Willem brocker
Willem BrockerGlobal Advisor, AmsterdamWillem Brocker (April 2015 Present) is the former vice-chairman of PwC Global and a former Senator in the Dutch Parliament. Currently, Willem...Show more
Anish Patel
Anish PatelPartner, LondonAnish Patel joined Metyis in February 2020 as a partner, and he leads the UK practice. He is a leader in strategy development, operations imp...Show more
Anuj Dahiya
Anuj DahiyaPartner, AmsterdamAnuj Dahiya has a background in Banking, Strategy and Analytics with experience across multiple industries. He is a partner at Metyis and lea...Show more
Bas Kemme
Bas KemmePartner, AmsterdamBas Kemme is driven by the opportunity to help companies grow through innovation and become a great place to work, promoting a step-change in...Show more
Flip van Dijk
Flip van Dijk Partner, AmsterdamFlip van Dijk is one of our partners with an obsession for sports, and especially when endurance and data-driven improvement play a critical ...Show more
Joan Daura
Joan DauraPartner, BarcelonaJoan Daura is a multidisciplinary trusted advisor for a number of MNC’s. He has great expertise in people performance, and empowers companies...Show more
José Recio
José RecioPartner, MadridJosé Recio was born in Jaen and holds a Bachelors degree in Law from the Complutense University of Madrid. He served as the Economy Minister ...Show more
Juan José Berbel
Juan José BerbelPartner, BarcelonaJuanjo Berbel is a consultant specializing in complex M&A projects and business restructuring from a social perspective. He is a partner in S...Show more
Julio Alonso
Julio AlonsoPartner, BarcelonaJulio Alonso is a Business Consultant expert in financial institutions, insurance and services industry. Expert in Post-Merger Integration, c...Show more
Joerg Augustin
Jörg Augustin Partner, MunichJörg Augustin is a dynamic leader who spent half of his career in Strategic Management Consulting and the other half in Executive positions i...Show more
Mauri Straneo
Mauri StraneoPartner, BarcelonaMauri Straneo is a partner at Metyis with a strong specialisation in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods sector, applying advanced analytics to Re...Show more
Michael Rendell
Michael RendellPartner, LondonMichael Rendell is a human capital consultant with deep expertise in the future of work, people analytics and driving growth in productivity....Show more
Miguel Solchaga
Miguel SolchagaPartner, MadridMiguel Solchaga is an experienced consultant in multinational environments with wide expertise in strategy, marketing and economic consultanc...Show more
Namrata Singh
Namrata SinghPartner, AmsterdamNamrata Singh is an HR leader with vast experience in designing and delivering Human Capital solutions across Industries focusing on HR Strat...Show more
Paul Klinkhamer
Paul Klinkhamer Partner, Middle EastPaul Klinkhamer has over 25 years of cross industry experience and he has developed a strong focus on Financial Services and Technology, Medi...Show more
Pelle van Rees
Pelle van ReesPartner, AmsterdamPelle van Rees is a Partner in our firm who quickly understands challenges and leverages a broad range of analytics and innovations in its so...Show more
Pieter Haas
Pieter HaasPartner, MunichPieter Haas is a Partner with a proven track record in retail, consumer, e-commerce and digital. He is a board member and investor in numerou...Show more
Richard Manners
Richard MannersPartner, LondonRichard Manners is a UK-based partner that has 20 years of experience as a consultant and retailer. He is at his happiest working alongside f...Show more
Vera Schut
Vera SchutPartner, AmsterdamVera Schut is an all-round strategy and execution professional with deep knowledge of transformations, finance and analytics. As a Partner at...Show more
Vikram Suri
Vikram SuriPartner, AmsterdamVikram Suri has been a corporate leader, entrepreneur and advisor for 21 years; specialising in setting up and growing businesses across indu...Show more
Ashish Dang
Ashish DangDirector, AmsterdamAshish Dang has a rich background in data science and e-commerce in various industries. He has enabled various clients in their journey towar...Show more
Bart van Dun
Bart van DunDirector, AmsterdamBart van Dun is a Director at Metyis. He is passionate about blending strategy with hands-on (digital) transformation, and has a strong track...Show more
Carlos Ortega
Carlos OrtegaDirector, MadridCarlos Ortega possesses 20 years of experience, mainly in Consulting but also in the Financial Services sector, with sound experience in corp...Show more
Chanda Yarborough
Chanda YarboroughDirector, AmsterdamChanda Yarborough is a strategy and execution consultant with international experience in designing organisations and operating models and ma...Show more
Elena Boffa
Elena Boffa TarlattaDirector, MadridElena Boffa Tarlatta has a longstanding international experience in multidisciplinary projects with a strong analytical component. She is spe...Show more
Francisco Blasques
Francisco BlasquesDirector, AmsterdamFrancisco Blasques is a Professor of Econometrics and Data Science and the TI Research Director at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. He is al...Show more
Harsh Singh
Harsh SinghDirector, AmsterdamHarsh Singh has deep expertise in traditional and digital side of analytics. He has been involved with several Fortune 100 global companies a...Show more
Jan Rohde
Jan RohdeDirector, Middle EastJan Rohde serves public and private sector clients as a director at Metyis Middle East, focusing on strategy (execution) and transformation. ...Show more
Juan Zanon
Juan ZanónDirector, MadridJuan Zanón is a Multichannel and CRM expert with a consistent record in the banking sector helping companies to build, develop and manage the...Show more
Keshav Chawla
Keshav ChawlaDirector, GurgaonKeshav Chawla is an enterprise technology and business consultant with great expertise focusing on implementing and continuously improving cu...Show more
Krishna Agarwal
Krishna AgarwalDirector, GurgaonKrishna is an analytics consultant with expertise in using data science to solve business problems for clients across the globe. He is entrep...Show more
Laura Ron
Laura RonDirector, MadridLaura Ron is a financial services consultant with more than 10 years of expertise in strategy and execution projects for the main Spanish Fin...Show more
Mark Voncken
Mark VonckenDirector, AmsterdamMark is an Amsterdam based consultant with a focus on realising corporate strategy, commercial and digital transformations in consumer produc...Show more
Neeti Mishra
Neeti MishraDirector, AmsterdamNeeti is passionate about driving impact by solving complex business problems and rallying people to act. She brings with her, a strategy ski...Show more
Pablo Olivares
Pablo OlivaresDirector, MadridPablo Olivares is a cross sector consultant with proven experience in improving company’s results helping to transform their businesses by de...Show more
Roger Forns
Roger Forns Director, BarcelonaRoger is an engineer that started his career as a consultant after getting his MBA. In these years Roger has got a tremendous experience mana...Show more
Sanne Krom
Sanne KromDirector, AmsterdamSanne Krom is a broadly experienced digital team player with an international track record in all digital fields; digital strategy, e-commerc...Show more
Stijn Froeling
Stijn Froeling Director, AmsterdamStijn Froeling is a director at Metyis with 13+ years of strategy consulting experience. His expertise focuses on digital strategy, e-commerc...Show more
Suresh Srinivasan
Suresh SrinivasanDirector, GurgaonSuresh Srinivasan is a multidisciplinary leader with expertise in strategy and execution of processes and ensures that the India office funct...Show more
Suvid Velayudhan
Suvid VelayudhanDirector, AmsterdamSuvid Velayudhan is a data analytics consultant with 13+ years of experience in customer analytics, supply chain and product development acro...Show more
Xavier Casas
Xavi CasasDirector, BarcelonaXavi Casas is a multidisciplinary consultant and a creative problem solver with great expertise in strategy and transformation projects for g...Show more
André Covas
André CovasLead Designer, MadridAndré Covas is a multidisciplinary designer and art director working on user interface design, corporate image, editorial and graphic design....Show more
Ricardo Teixeira
Ricardo TeixeiraPrincipal, PortoRicardo Teixeira is a technology consultant with experience in leading product development teams. He has a computer engineering background an...Show more
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